FAQ about the Sale

How does this affect me?

This is probably the biggest question that many may have.  Our goal is that with the sale of the practice, that it does not affect you.  Dr. Mike underwent a transition period at the end of 2019 with Dr. Christian and Dr. Pete.  Many of you already know Dr. Christian, as he has been in the practice with Dr. Mike since 2018.  We strive to continue to provide the same level of excellent care that Dr. Mike has come to be known for over the many years he owned, operated, and practiced Cerefin Family Chiropractic.

Will this affect my care?

No!  Our goal is to continue providing the same level of care that Dr. Mike has provided for years.  The flow and type of practice being run will still be the same; this will not affect your care.  If there is something special that needs to be addressed with your care, please let us know!

Will this change affect my insurance?

No, this will not change your insurance coverage or benefits.  Any changes of that nature are done by the Insurance Health Plans.  We have been working hard to make sure all insurance companies are switched over to the new name and information.  If you have any questions about your coverage, please let us know!  While we should have everything squared away, we appreciate your patience with us while we make sure everything is correct.

What will Dr. Mike do?

Dr. Mike is moving out to Colorado.  However, he is NOT retiring, only starting the next chapter of his career.  He is planning to still practice out there, while being closer to his family.

Why the Name Change?

While Cerefin Family Chiropractic may be recognizable in the community by many, it is only natural that the practice undergoes a name change.  We are excited to start a new chapter by becoming Emerson Chiropractic.

Will the hours or where you’re located change at all?

No!  Our hours will stay the same!  Our location will not change either.  While the interior has undergone a facelift, we still remain at the same address.